Seamlessly Text Your Customers With Tekmessage

True two-way texting has arrived for the auto repair industry. Just add your shop's business phone number and start messaging customers directly from Tekmetric.


Instantly Send & Receive Texts

Communicate without missing a beat. Send messages from Tekmetric and your customers will see them as regular text messages on their phones.


Make Life Easier for Customers

Answer your customers' questions without them having to open up a web browser. They can simply text you, and it will show up in Tekmetric.


Make Your Shop Easy to Contact

Choose the phone number your shop sends messages from within Tekmetric - and make it easier than ever for new customers to reach you.


Centralize Customer Communication

Keep customer communication in one place. View customer profiles, receive and respond to texts, and more.

Build Customer Trust

Every text you send a customer with Tekmessage helps establish trust. Customers will see that your shop is responsive and transparent - and will remember that next time they need service on their vehicle.
Tekmessage displayed within Tekmetric

Focus on The Big Picture

With Tekmessage, you no longer have to spend valuable time with dealing with scattered, inconsistent customer communication and the misunderstandings that arise from that. Instead, you can use that time to focus on taking your business to the next level.

The Right Tools to Get the Job Done

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