Centralized, Real-Time Business Intelligence

Being proactive is essential to taking command of the enterprise auto repair market. But when your data is days old, it’s impossible to effectively react to real-time challenges, let alone innovate and explore new opportunities. The faster you can gain insight into your shops’ performance, the faster you can refine processes, respond to challenges, and push changes to every shop in your network. Tekmetric puts you in the driver’s seat of your entire enterprise so that you can transform the way your business runs.

Don’t Plateau; Explode

How long does it take you to gather all your shops’ data? If it’s not real-time, that means you’re behind your business’ performance at all times. When you’re at the helm of a vast auto repair enterprise, any delay could be the difference between getting to the top of the market and watching your business growth stagnate. Tekmetric’s enterprise infrastructure is designed to cut ETL inefficiencies from your BI process.

Our platform centralizes every shop’s data into a manageable, easy-to-use format that can be pulled into data lakes and BI tools instantly. See the effects of shop operations on performance as they happen. When your data is real-time, you have the ability to outmaneuver the competition.

Leverage the Latest Cloud-Based Technology

Legacy shop management systems make it difficult to gather and analyze shop data at the enterprise level. With Tekmetric, all of your shops’ information is stored in one secure, maintainable, cloud-based environment that you can see at a glance. Leverage real-time data and centralize corporate initiatives according to your business strategy.

Shop Management for Multiple Locations

Tekmetric offers our enterprise clients the reporting flexibility that comes with a single tenant environment. Connect and track every shop in your enterprise from Tekmetric’s API and customize webhooks and integrations to meet your needs.

Multiple location data within Tekmetric

See it For Yourself

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