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We want to make it easy for you to integrate Tekmetric in your publication, website, or app while respecting our brand and legal/licensing restrictions.


Our Mission

Tekmetric’s mission is to revolutionize the Auto Repair Industry, making it easier for auto repair shops to grow their businesses, for auto Repair Professionals to succeed in their roles, and for drivers to get their vehicles repaired.

Brand Essence

Driving the Auto Repair Industry Forward.

Our Voice

When addressing the majority of our audience, our voice is casual, fun, supportive, service-focused, personable, and knowledgeable. Writing for us? Take a look at our Brand Voice Guidelines for specific guidance on our writing style.


Our primary logo is made up of the gear + wrench logomark and “Tekmetric” wordmark with the strapline below.

Logo Variations

The Tekmetric logo is available in a version with the strapline, without the strapline, and just the logomark. All variations contain the Registered Trademark symbol. The trademark may only be removed in unique circumstances where legibility may be compromised (i.e. embroidery).

The full logo with the strapline should display in cases where the logo exceeds  125px width.

The logo without the strapline should display in cases where the logo width falls short of 125px.

The Tekmetric Icon should only be used in instances like social media profiles and page/photo watermarks.

Clearing Space

The minimum clear space of the logo is the width of the lowercase “m” in Tekmetric.

Logo Guidance

We are proud of our brand and want to ensure that the integrity of the Tekmetric brand is maintained by properly displaying the Tekmetric logo.

Don’t place the logo on a busy background or there is low contrast with its background.

Don’t add effects like shadows, dimensions, and gradients to the logo.

Don’t stretch, shrink, or manipulate the shape of the logo

Don’t rotate the logo.

Don’t place the logo in a shape or a container.

Don’t use the Tekmetric lettering alone.

Don't change the typeface of the logo.

Don’t spell the logo incorrectly by adding an “s” to the logo.

Don't change the color of the logo.


Align partnership logos to the right of the Tekmetric logo with a divider and allow for clearing space the width of the lowercase “m” in Tekmetric.

Primary Brand Colors

The Tekmetric primary logo in Tekmetric Orange and grey on a white or light grey background is preferred. If using the logo on a colored background, the two-color reverse or white logo version must be used.

Tekmetric Navy
RGB: 8, 78, 124
CMYK: 94, 37, 0, 51

Tekmetric Orange
RGB: 240, 87, 42
CMYK: 0, 60, 78, 6

Tekmetric BlueGrey
RGB: 83, 109, 120
CMYK: 31, 9, 0, 53

Color System

Tekmetric’s primary colors include the Tekmetric Orange, Navy, and BlueGrey. The primary colors should be the most distinguishable colors in any branded collateral. Shades and tints of the primary brand colors are considered secondary, but may be used more than the secondary colors.

Secondary colors are intended to enhance the visual brand and complement the primary colors. Colors outside of primary brand colors should be used sparingly in instances such as iconography or accent elements in order to maintain meaning and potency.

Greyscale System

Our greyscale shows a variety of different shades of grey between black and white. The highest level of grey is Shade 500 (#111111) and the lightest shade is Shade 10 (#F5F5F5). This greyscale is used to support the color system.


Our font is Roboto which is as easy to use as we are. Inspired by the Material Design language, it was designed to maximize its impact across all applications while keeping it easy to read and highly recognizable.

We encourage using contrasting weights to identify hierarchy. However, when designing with type, refrain from combining more than two font weights and cases. Italics should be used sparingly. Color should never be applied to type. The greyscale system is permitted.


Our iconography is connected to our typography through the Material Design language. The Material Design Icon Library and it's usage principles were designed to communicate quickly and effectively across all touchpoints (from product to environment to marketing).

Material Icon shapes are bold and geometric. They have a symmetrical and consistent look, ensuring readability and clarity, even at small sizes.

Avoid using icons outside of the material icon library.


People play a key role in our photography style. Photography should capture the settings and subjects familiar to our users and their workspaces. Our photography style is sharp, high contrast, and represents real scenarios.

Photography should always be used in high quality format and only edited to enhance contrast or to include a realistic usage of technology. If a device appears in an image, the screen must be either unrecognizable or show the Tekmetric interface.

When designing with photography, our Photo Library is the preferred source for image selection. If using photography outside of our library, please reach out to marketing@tekmetric.com for approval.

Device Mocks

We often show off app features to communicate Tekmetric’s user friendly interface and functionality. Please pull from our Mockup Library to be used in marketing assets.

Device mocks should utilize non-branded frames and the app UI should be pulled from designed mockups to control styling and text on screen.

Avoid using real screenshots of the app UI and avoid placing screenshots on public facing marketing without a device mock or browser frame.

Graphic Elements

Illustrations should be avoided, however, the use of material icons is permitted for illustrative purposes. Additional supporting graphic elements can be found in the Tekmetric Graphics Library.

Tekmetric Sub-brands

Sub-brands are the distinct lines of business that service the needs of unique audiences.

Tekmerchant offers an integrated payment processing solution for auto repair shops that use Tekmetric.


Tekmessage offers an integrated 2-way messaging solution for auto repair shops that use Tekmetric.


Get in touch.

These guidelines have been created to help our customers, partners, licensees, outside vendors, and other third parties understand how to use Tekmetric brand features correctly. Please contact us at marketing@tekmetric.com if you have any questions.